Dan Wilson's Words + Music in 6 Seconds
Dan Wilson's Words + Music in 6 Seconds
“Words + Music In 6 Seconds by Dan Wilson” This deck of 75 cards provides a unique and inspiring look inside the art of songwriting and collaboration.  Written and designed by the Grammy-winning hit songwriter and producer Dan Wilson, the deck distills his insights from nearly 30 years of writing, performing, and collaborating with the world’s most prominent musical artists.  Each individual card contains a brief and inspiring piece of advice for songwriters, musicians, and other creative people. Designed to be a useful tool in sessions and collaborations, the deck is a beautiful and practical gift for the songwriter or other creative artist in your life.
  • 74 "W+M in 6 Seconds" Cards + 1 title card
  • Height: 5+1/16”  Width: 3+1/4”  Depth: 1+11/16”
  • Weight: 0.65 lbs
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